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Harbert Management Corporation, based in Birmingham, Alabama, is a U.S. investment management company founded in 1993 by Raymond J. Harbert.

A former employee said this in a review at Indeed website: "Harbert Managment Corporation is a bad place to work. Lots of undercurrent tension within management. Extremely frustrating and convoluted ways of processing information".


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Former Employee - Engineer says

"If you are a young female and don't want to be raped by all your bosses in a construction site overseas, don't work there! You will be immediately fired, if it's okay with you in order to keep your job then work there"

Former Employee - Maintenance Technician says

"Upper management out of touch with what it takes to live lay wise, Supervisor was dishonest self important and incompetent."


"Benefits are sub-par although they seem to be working to improve this. The salary appears OK until you begin working the long hours, 60+ hours per week. I worked overseas and the work hours were horrific. It's not clear in your contract, but forget holidays. The only holidays observed by project management other than Christmas, were local holidays that fell on Sunday (your only day off)! A lot of pressure to beat the schedule. Quantity trumps quality when push comes to shove."

Former Employee - Planning Engineer says

"tightly packed working hours, lack of distribution of work"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"management was based off of ego."

Former Employee - Foreman says

"upper management like to micromanage mid-level employee. upper management don't have back bone when it comes to standing up for lower level employees."

Former Employee - Operator Driver says

"Their Short contracts that have to been always renewed."

Tool Room Clerk (Current Employee) says

"No raises.No days off.Pay depending on whether they liked you, and not based on performance.obligated to do jobs that was under a higher paygrade. But we weren't paid on that specific tasks paygrade.Pay was decent due to working on military basework/regualr life balance sucked, racist"

Staff Zone (Former Employee) says

"Lots of turnover and no room for advancement, they tell you there is but that is just to get the job done and then they will cut you loose. Not a place where you can depend on being long term.JobManagement"

Witness and perform inspections to welded joints (Former Employee) says

"Trouble with equipment, lack of communication and sharing knowledge. No management meetings to keep all in the know. The hardest part of this job was the orbital welding machines kept breaking down. The next thing was we had trouble getting the current revisions on piping ISO's."

Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"I started working for this company as a.sub. I paid my dues. I was offered a position , did not apply. 3 years later , no raise, my manager had told me when he was promoted ,I would be ,that we were a team. After his promotion I was transferred under the pretense of having the same position at another building. Was lied to , made me a janitor just to get me to quit so they would not have to pay severence instead of doing the right thing by thier employee. The place is full of self important, self serving holier than thou know it all liars.You get to scrub upper managements fecal stainsYou have to scrub upper managements fecal stains."

Coordinador de Materiales (Current Employee) says

"muy poca proactividad y muy mala administracion y poca aportunidad de desarrolo buen salario pero no hay bonos"

Rod Buster Journeyman (Former Employee) says

"it was great in the beginning. Professional and organizes, then the wrong people got in the right positions and took advantage there power, they put people in positions that they weren't qualified for, and things went down hill, with no accountabilitygood wagesbuddy system"

HVAC Mechanic (Former Employee) says

"They actively seek new employees but are not able to keep current employees working full time. Instead of looking for new employees, they need to focus on keeping current employees.benefitslongevity"

Laborer (Former Employee) says

"Temporary job, pay was fair good per diem and good supervision. Was a very short term job work at Mercedes plant. Enjoyed co-workers and work. Would work for them again if the chance came up again"

QC Engineer - Civil (Current Employee) says

"Very job oriented, lack of management and planning, good safety culture, the hardest thing to do is to follow all the security regulations but the most enjoyable aspect of the job is the multicultural staff.free lunchHigh security compound hard to access"

Millwright (Former Employee) says

"typical construction company. no added drama or stress. just go in and do a morning safety meeting get with the boss. find out the scope of todays job and get it done.steady workhave to travel"

Tradesman (Former Employee) says

"Construction. This was a cleared job. The company was ok. Management on my particular job was a little difficult but ok all in all. The only problem I encountered was working overtime for free. Thats right, they put you on salary and work you overtime with no incentive."

Crane Operator (Former Employee) says

"Field Mgmt very easy to communicate and stress safety first. Co workers very friendly and cooperative. Learned different roles that has advanced my skills."

customer says

"Damaged items"

Kevin says

"after weeks have gone by after ordering a squat bar, I was told its been lost by the courier, so I asked can I get something else instead. The reply I got was we cant accommodate this. very poor service no phone number for this company just email contact now having to wait for a refund. just a poor service"

Kevin haydn says

"Terrible service, no contact phone number just email as contact, days going by no site as to where my equipment has gone, they use a courier company you also can’t contact. Truly awful service"

Simon says

"Good kit but can they deliver it to you stress free...? I had a nightmare so far because the courier that THEY choose to use split up and send orders separately to add to the already confused state the customer support seem to be in, i got first order threw at me pretty much at different side of flats where I live so made it difficult for me to take in, couple days later I get a txt off dhl sayin delivery between 12 an 1 so I waited in but nothing arrived... i emailed mirafit to ask where my orders are after waiting in all day nothing arrived yet dhl state been delivered when checked tracking, mirafit sent me an email back saying orders have been delivered so I asked where too?? They suggested I knock on all the other flats asking my neighbours on the off chance they have taken them for me, then theu had the cheek to say they would contact dhl on my behalf which is nuts, so I wasted a day with no apology from them and actually make you feel its your fault all done poor service"